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LABC media

LABC's media section presenting our worship services, special programs, concerts, choir specials, and more.  Visit here to watch our live stream or to view older material.   

  • Live services

    This page contains our live streaming of services.  All Sunday morning worship services as well as many other services and programs are presented here first.  The page is always active counting down to the next planned live stream or showing a stream in progress. 

  • music & special


    This page contains our special services.  Choir Specials, Children's Programs, Concerts, Jubilees, & Singing's previously live streamed will appear here to view anytime.

  • Book of the Quarter

    Every quarter LABC studies an entire book highlighting a Biblical subject.  Visit our home page to view what book is featured this quarter and to reserve your copy.   Toward the end of the quarter a Sunday night service is devoted to a review of the book.  Book of the Quarter reviews are live streamed and will appear here to view anytime.

  • Archive of services

    All regular Sunday services that are live streamed will appear here soon to be viewed anytime.