We are Christ’s people, doing Christ’s work

In Christ’s world, ’til Christ’s return.

Happy Hearts

1st and 3rd Thursday Mornings. Call the Church office for more information.

Lowell Avenue Choir

Practice Sunday’s at 5:30 p.m. Contact Lisa Gupton for more information.

Breathe Bible Study

Breathe Bible Study beginning April 15th in FLC at 6 pm on Mondays.

CentriKid Camp

Centrikid Camp June 23-27

Vacation Bible School

VBS July 8-12

Warm Blessings

Second Thursday of every month.

Service Times

Sunday Services:
Sunday School 9:45
Worship 10:50
Evening 6:30

Wednesday Bible Study 6:30

LABC Youth

Sunday Nights
6:30 meet in the FLC

Wednesday Nights
Open gym and food available at 5:30, lesson starts at 6